Bruce Campbell the Spiderman 4 Villain?


So there is no confirmation that he is the villain but I am putting it in the title because I would love for it to happen. I know that Sam Raimi takes alot of his filmmaking advice from my blog posts so Sam.. make it happen.

Bruce Campbell according to ReelComix has announed that he will be in Spiderman 4. Not really big news as he has been in the past films because of his close friendship with Sam Raimi. The huge news is that Bruce announced that this is no walk on role. He will play a major role in the upcoming Spiderman 4 and to that I say F*King Aye! What does this have to do with horror? Nothing ... but its Bruce Campbell so nuff said :)

If there is one thing Sam Raimi could do to really get me pumped for Spiderman 4 it would be to cast Bruce Campbell as the villain.. which actually makes alot of sense. Question is what villain would he play? Sound off in ye comments!

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