New Bioshock 2 Release Date

It always stinks when something gets delayed.  But its not always a bad thing when it does.  Case in point, Bioshock 2 was pushed back into an early 2010 slot to give the developers more time and the Christmas season was already choked with numerous other titles.  Gamespot has word that 2K Games will be unleashing the sequel to the 2007 hit on February 9, 2010 on PC, Xbox360, and Playstation 3. 

Set several years after the events of the original game, players control one of the original Big Daddies as you wander the destroyed underwater utopia looking for the last few Little Sisters.  However you're not alone, Splicers still roam the hallways hungry for the Adam, but an even more menacing threat exists, the Big Sister.  Bioshock 2 comes to a console near you February 9, 2010 and will retail for $59.99 for Xbox360 and Playstation 3 and $49.99 for PC.
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