Bluray Contest Winners


Sorry for the delay in announcing this gang. But its time to officially announce the winners of the Bluray contest. I wanted to wait and give everyone a chance to respond to my emails with their addresses. So far everyone did accept for Godzilla_Rules. So the contest winners for the bluray contest are

  • Gooogopo [ bluray player / oldboy on bluray ]
  • Deadhorse13 [ soundtrack ]
  • BlacktequilaKiss [ soundtrack ]

Deadhorse and Blacktequila when you read this if you PREFER Oldboy on Bluray over the soundtrack for Thirst simply leave a comment and I will try to accomadate you! Sorry I did not email you to ask but work has been kicking my ass! I am going to try and get prizing sorted and shipped this week time permitting so we can move onto another cool contest!

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