New Movie: Robot Stories

Winner of over 30 awards, "Robot Stories" is science fiction from the heart, four stories in which utterly human characters struggle to connect in a world of robot babies, robot toys, android office workers, and digital immortality.  Written and directed by Greg Pak, "Robot Stories" seems to give us a unique and moving look into the world of science fiction.
Still currently making its rounds on the idependent circut (October 30 and November 2, 2004 in Argentina Festival Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre and  November 26-28 in Oklahoma City at the Oklahoma Museum of Art), this is one film I would love to see.  More information about Robot Stories can be found at the official site - here.  Also, be sure to watch the trailer, and see why it has won so many awards.

Trailer (Quicktime)

Source: Official Site

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