New Japanese Grudge Film Coming?


Takashi Shimizu may have made some questionable films but when he was working on the original Juon films those were pure gold. Well unbeknownest to us another film in the franchise has already been filmed but with a different director, Ryuta Miyake. No word on when the film may get an official release but Audillos have the synopsis for The Grudge: Old Lady in White roughly translated for you below.

Ju-on, is the curse of the dying prey remains intense rage in places where the victim lived. This is concentrated and attacks those who come into contact, thus generating a new curse. It is Christmas, a family just recently moved to a new residential district. Everything seems perfect at first, except for that sort of "presence" to be gradually taking over the soul of one of the family. The worst is yet to come. A while later a delivery man dressed as Santa Claus rings the bell. No one answers...

I'm curious how this managed to slip below my radar and everyone else's. Whether or not they will actually bring this film to the states is anyones guess. As the first two Juon films did not make their way stateside until the remake was announced. Keep it here for more.

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