Jack Ketchums Offspring comes to DVD October 6th

Jack Ketchum’s Offspring will hit dvd Oct. 6, 2009 and from Anchorbay we have the low down. As a rule I love Jack Ketchums films but I am not a fan of RED his latest film.
A series of murderous home invasions in the sleepy seaside town of Dead River, Maine alarms the former sheriff George Peters (Art Hindle, The Brood, Black Christmas). The events are eerily similar to a bloody battle he’d fought with a wild and savage clan a decade ago, which has managed to elude capture and survive by hiding out in forests and caves. When the clan leader (Pollyanna McIntosh, Headspace, Sex and Death 101) discovers a secluded home, she orders her followers to abduct the residents, two women and their young children, to assure the cannibals’ survival. But the kidnapped women have survival instincts of their own, and the former sheriff has a score to settle, even if it kills him.
Renowned horror writer Jack Ketchum brings his chilling cannibal tale from the page to the screen with Director/Producer Andrew van den Houten (director of Headspace, producer of The Girl Next Door and Home Movie). Jack Ketchum’s Offspring also features actors Amy Hargreaves, Ahna Tessler, Erick Kastel
Andrew Elvis Miller, Taylor John, and Tommy Nelson.
Special Features in the DVD release include:

  • Commentary with Writer Jack Ketchum, Director Andrew van den Houten, and Producer/Cinematographer William M. Miller
  • “Progeny: The Birth of Offspring,” documentary
  • Printable Script
  • Webisodes
  • Photo Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailer
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