Lost Boys 3 Really Going Ahead


A long long time ago we told you that a Lost Boys 3 movie was in the works or should I say on the books. Lost Boys was a truly awesome film and Lost Boys 2 was easily one of the WORST movie sequels ever made.

There is no word on Corey Haim or Corey Feldman returning. Feldman starred in the last one and  Haim had a small cameo at the end of it.

According to Moviehole and this is not NEW news they will be bringing back Jamison Newlander for a larger role with eyes on having this film show a face off between the Two Coreys. SPOILER ALERT HERE: At the end of Lost Boys 2 we get to see that Haim is a vampire! Frankly the last 5minutes after the credits rolled was the only good part of the entire film. I for one will not be watching Lost boys 3 unless they really wow me with the

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