Children of the Corn Remake DVD Art and Specs


Last Saturday Syfy aired their remake of the classic Children of the Corn. I tuned in for about 3 seconds and once I saw who was cast as the iconic Isaac I changed the channel. It was just too much for me. ( Read Meh's Children of the Corn Remake Review ) But if you dug it Anchor Bay has passed along the artwork and DVD specs for the film that will be released on October 6th for a suggested retail price of $26.97.

Burton and Vicki (Anders and McClure) are an unhappily married couple making their way across the country when an accident leaves them stranded in the middle of a corn field. They stumble upon a cult of children led by the charismatic young leader Isaac (Bailey) and his right hand “man” Malachai (Daniel Newman, the upcoming Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant). They soon learn that this is no typical cornfield and there is something different about the children living in Gatlin, Nebraska. “Harvest” takes on a life-or-death urgency when Burton and Vicki must find a way to escape before they becomes sacrifices to He Who Walks Behind The Rows!

  • “New Directions” – An interview with Writer/Producer/Director Donald P. Borchers on remaking a cult classic.
  • “Cast Of The Corn”– Interviews with Actors Kandyse McClure (“Vicki”), David Anders (“Burt”) and Daniel Newman (“Malachai”).
  • “To Live And Die In Gatlin” – Interviews with Production Designer Andrew Hussey and Special Make-Up FX Supervisor Alan Tuskes
  • “Fly On The Wall” – Behind-the scenes footage from the set of CHILDREN OF THE CORN

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