Mimic and Cronos Special Editions ARE Coming


It has been rumored and whispered about for quite some time that we may see a Mimic and Cronos Special Edition soon. Finally today Guillermo del Toro came out once again and spoke about the project that is supposedly happening with Criterion. Here is what he wrote on his official forums:

"CRONOS is evolving nicely. We are including a NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE version of GEOMETRIA (1987) the short that I made for 1 thousand bucks and that I was never able to finish the way I wanted it. NOW I re-finsihed it for this disc (dont worry, no CGI or fancy stuff) and I like it- I never did before- but now I do.

CRONOS has never looked so beautiful and we found dozens of photographs of the making of the device, etc

MIMIC is looking fabulous. Some of the negative had been lost but we found alternatives and are finishing the Director's Cut. VERY HAPPY

It just so happens that the short he is talking about has been on youtube for a while. Apparently the version that will be on the disc will be slightly different and updated.

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