Series 7 Contender by Bub

A few months ago, I watched this movie on the independent movie channel, WAM!

This movie plays like an episode of our beloved Reality Series’. An attractive element of this movie is how it does not look like a movie, rather a 1˝ show. This film is a satire criticizing our crave as a nation for entertainment at all costs.

The movie begins in the middle years of a reality series called Contender. In this series, a lottery is held throughout a different town each year. A total of 6 competitors are chosen to compete in a game of life and death. Rules: there are none. Each must find a way to kill his/her opponents in a game of kill or be killed. The winner, and only contestant remaining, will compete to stay alive in the next town chosen. Sounds cool huh? It is.

The contestants chosen in the lucky Year 7 competition include: an Italian husband from the suburbs (kinda reminds you of Tony Soprano, only not as cool. A middle aged nurse. A teenage girl circa 16. An elderly man from a trailer park. A man that has been diagnosed with cancer and given only a short time to live. And our protagonist, the pregnant woman.

The pregnant woman (forget her damn name) is the reigning champion from the last two series’. We receive the pleasure of watching some of her past highlights a la Monday Night Football. The show has brought her back to her hometown, where she reunites with her former high school beau…and her current opponent…the man with cancer. You’ll laugh hysterically as you watch the two reminisce over a high school project video: A gothic, Shakespearian tragic love story with “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division serving as the background melody. Don’t worry about sinking into depression so quickly because the film only gets better!

We watch the contestants separate the quick from the dead, the strategic and the just plain reckless. It has it all. It is understand that the creator(s) of this film had all intentions of poking fun in the direction of corporate America’s “anything for profit” attitude, and also our role as society which not only allows these “necessary evils” to continue, but embraces them. On that note. Bring me Series 8.
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