New Resident Evil 5 Content


During the Tokyo Game Show last weekend it was announced that Sony would be getting a new motion controlled version of Resident Evil 5 called "RE5: Alternative Edition". Basically this edition was made to capitalize on the new motion control that PS3 will be releasing next year.

To help move more units they have decided to include a new chapter into the game. It won't actually be played during the story mode but rather a seperate episode selectable in the opening menu.

According to IGN, Producer Jun Takeuchi shared a few additional details on the new episode with Famitsu. The new episode pairs RE5 hero Chris Redfield with classic RE series character Jill Valentine for a scenario that's set three years prior to the events of 5. Speculation is circulating that the cut scene in RE5 of the mansion is not the actual mansion from the first game but rather a different mansion in which this game will take place.

This extra content will be available to play as co-op both locally and online. The new content is said to be two hours worth of content and right now Takeuchi has hinted that 360 owners will able to get the content in "a different form". Sounds like DLC if you ask me. So stay tuned to see where this goes.

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