Trailer for The Crazies


George A. Romero's The Crazies is one of those movies that wasn't appreciate when it first came out and now is considered by quite a number to be a classic.  Which makes it perfect for a remake.  Its also one of the few films where I'd be curious as to the direction a remake would go.  However that didn't stop me from being more than hesitant over this remake until I saw director Breck Eisner's Fear Itself episode The Sacrifice, which put a bit of faith in me.

Apple has the trailer, which is a full trailer not a teaser you can watch it below.  And it looks to be sticking with elements of Romero's film while expanding upon it and doing its own thing.  I gotta say it looks pretty cool.  However there's a part of the film that seems a bit too 'zombie' like, though can't make a total judgment on it from just whats in the trailer.

But overall, I'm actually looking forward to this movie.  The story is altered slightly with now a toxin of some kind in the water (in the original a military plane carrying the toxin crashed outside of the town) that turns otherwise normal citizens into insanity then into killing lunatics.  The military quarntines the town, making the town sheriff, his wife and other healthy people fend for themselves.  The Crazies stars Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell.  The film will hit theaters February 26, 2010.

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