Blair Witch 3 Prequel Planned


Blair Witch was a great movie. Its one of a select few that creeped the hell out of me... and thats saying alot. Blair Witch 2 was a big let down but I still hold out hope that Blair Witch 3 could be fun. According to STYD the film will be a prequel. They report;

"We would still love to make that prequel idea," Sánchez told Shock. "We actually talked to Lionsgate about it four or five years ago. But they were very hesitant to do a prequel, because it’s a period piece and they haven’t had much luck with horror period pieces, and also the period would’ve made it a bit too expensive."

"However, right now, Dan (Myrick) and I are actually working on an idea for a Blair Witch sequel," says Sánchez. "It’s the first time that Dan and I have really gelled on an idea for a follow-up. We have a bunch of ideas for the prequel that date back to the beginning of the legend, but this is the first time we’ve gotten together and really loved what we’re coming up with."

What do you think about a prequel of Blair Witch? Interested?

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