Exclusive: Interview with Bruce Campbell


We finally had a chance to toss some questions at Bruce Campbell, the man, the myth the legend. You all know him from Army of Darkness, Evil Dead, and of course Bubba Ho-Tep, but his talent is not limited to these films. He is a diverse and talented actor who has done some of the best roles in filmography history. If you dont know who bruce campbell is, after I am done with my BOOM stick I am going to have to sic the entire crew at MoviesOnline on you. With that said, here is what Bruce "the man" Campbell had to say.

What are your thoughts on the current rush in Hollywood for doing remakes of old films? (Dawn of the Dead, The Grudge, etc) have you been approached to be in any classic remakes?

Honestly, I'm always gonna be more bored by any re-make. I prefer original stuff.

What do you look for in a script? What draws you in and tells you that this movie is going to ?make it? and turns you onto a character? Since all the bit parts to starring roles you've ever had have not only been brilliantly acted but brilliant in guise (the self-parody in The Majestic especially), what is the criteria you use to ensure that this continues?

I look for many elements: director, story, studio, location, schedule and cash. Pretty simple

There are a lot of Maniac Cop fans on our website; any chance of seeing a remake of this movie with YOU in it?

What is with the re-make fever? I can pretty much guarantee that there is absolutely no chance of that.

About a month back we heard you had a part in Dark Horse Entertainment, a film company started by Dark Horse comics. What role will you be playing at DHE? Do you have in mind any directions you want to take the company?

I am going to make an untitled film for them next fall, but I have no position in the company.

Put the nail in the Ash vs Jason vs Freddy Rumor Coffin. We have said for a long time, ?no way Bruce will lower himself to be in this movie.? Set it straight for all the fans out there.

 Okay: ?no way Bruce will lower himself to be in this movie.?

Everyone see that? I have been preaching at everyone for months now about how Bruce will never lower himself to this movie, and here it is, the man himself saying so. So no more talk of this Ash vs Jason vs Freddy. They may get some 2 bit actor to play Ash, but it wont be Mr. Campbell. 

What are your feelings on the new lines of merchandise being created based on some of your movies? (Bobbleheads shirts, McFarlane action figures, two books, ect...) How about the expanding fan base that is fueling all this?

The folks that buy these things are well-educated, exciting and fine people.

What are your thoughts on the rumors of a Bubba Ho Tep 2? Ready to play the KING again? Were you satisfied with your role in Bubba Ho- Tep? Do you believe there is room for a sequel? We are all big fans of Bubba Ho-Tep, which has been the number one movie on our site for almost 4 months.

These are not rumors. We're actively working on one at the moment.

What projects are you currently working on? We know you are in the Woods, but what else have you got in the works or on the horizon?

A new book next summer, a Disney film next August (Sky High) and 2 new films for the Sci Fi channel. As always, go here: www.bruce-campbell.com.

What can you tell us about the two films you have been shooting; Alien Apocalypse and Man with the Screaming Brain?

I can tell you to watch them! Alien was directed by my old pal Josh Becker, and I'll be touring with Brain next summer.

Have you visited our site at all? But, more importantly, if you had one thing you could say to the hundreds of thousands of fans who frequent the site with their ?Bruce Campbell Idols,? what would it be?  

Sorry, I have not (was I supposed to lie?). I'd say this: only support movies that you really want to see. Tired of crappy movies? Stop going to them! Stay groovy,

Yes Bruce, you should have lied. Well you have seen the site now :) And we appreciate your time in answering our readers questions. We also want to thank the members of our community who came up with the questions to ask Bruce. Be sure to head out and pick up a copy of Bubba Ho-Tep or even better score yourself a copy of the Directors cut of Army of Darkness Both movies are worth every penny, and if your tired of crappy movies, do as Bruce says, dont watch em, watch one of his great flicks instead!

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