4 Zombie Games to Play After Watching Zombieland


Clearly Zombieland gave me wood as it was an awesome movie and its nearly 90% approval on site based on 17 reviews and counting reflects just how awesome the movie is and how much us genre fans love it. That said when I was done watching the film the whole drive home I was sweating to pop in my favorite zombie games for Xbox360 and relive the movie experience. So here is my list of 4 Zombie games to play after seeing Zombieland.

Dead Space: Right off the bat Deadspace is one of the creepiest horror games I have ever played. I picked it up after reading all the great reviews on site from you readers and Goon who writes for this site. Needless to say I was not dissapointed. Creepy, moody and packed full of space zombies its a game sure to please all zombie fans. [ Buy it for less then $19 on Amazon ]

Resident Evil 5: Resident Evil 5 is easily one of the prettiest zombie games to come out in recent years with visuals on par with Half Life 2 which is saying alot. The gamplay is fun, the zombie action is intense and I have enjoyed playing this game for quite a long time. My only real beef with the game is the fact that you have very limited freedom of movement and its quite linear. But regardless when your looking to get your zombie fix on.... this game will do it. [ Buy it on Amazon for $26 ]

Left 4 Dead: Left 4 Dead is one of those games you either love it or you hate it. For me the game is to simple minded and for that reason I can only play it for at best 30minutes at a time. Where as the other games on this list I can play for hours. The game has no story and no intrigue to it. Its just a plain out blow away zombies game. You run and gun and then run and gun some more. That said however it can not take away from the fact it has a fantastic AI, lots of intensity and did i mention an ASS LOAD of zombies? I am willing to admit despite not being a huge fan of Left 4 Dead I will buy the sequel Left 4 Dead 2 when it arrives. [ Buy it on Amazon for $25 ]

Dead Rising: Dead Rising is best summed up as Dawn of the Dead done as a video game and you can also say its easily one of the best zombie games ever made. Period. No competition. It blows away every other game on this list because of its open ended, non stop mayhem. Make anything a weapon, literally kills 10's of thousands of zombies and complete TONS of quests in any order you like as you parade around the mall trying not to get eaten, or worse yet taken out by some psychopathic survivor. The replay value of this game is limitless and is one game that I play religiously. After returning from Zombieland this is also the game that i have chosen to burn hours playing when I am not blogging on this site. [ Buy it on Amazon for less then $9 ]

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