Adrien Brody In Predators


Here's a bit of interesting casting.  Adrien Brody, Oscar winner from Roman Polanski's The Pianist, has joined the ranks of Predators as a the lead mercenary according to Variety.  Brody's last foray into the science fiction realm was back in 2005 with Peter Jackson's King Kong

I rather not dismiss Brody, the man is an excellent actor and I think he can pull it off.  Quite a few actors have pulled off different roles than what they're usually known for.  Nimrod Antal of Vacancy and the upcoming Armored is directing the reboot which will be lensing in Hawaii and studios in Texas. 

Predators is due out July 9, 2010, which places it opposite the family film Despicable Me, which might not bode well for the certain to be R rated movie.

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