Gary Ross Lined Up For Venom Feature


Of all the villains in Spider-Man's bag the most interesting to me was Venom. He was always one of the craziest bastards out there for Spidey. Unfortunately the casting of Topher Grace as Venom in Spider-Man 3 pretty much killed the character. But now we may be seeing a feature film for the super anti-hero.

In this feature he will be taking on his more "hero" like identity and we will also be seeing Eddie Brock back in costume. If you haven't been up to date the man who was once the Scorpion has know taken over as Venom in the comics. So its good to see they will be going back to the characters roots.

Today Variety announced the Gary Ross will be re-writing the script and directing the film for Columbia Pictures. The original script was written by Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Keep it here because we will be keeping a close eye on how this one unfolds.

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