Dark Night of the Scarecrow DVD in 2010


Back in August of 2008, it was announced that cult film Dark Night of the Scarecrow was finally coming to DVD .  What was rumored to be a 2009 DVD release from Imagine Entertainment was squashed about a month ago as Writer/Producer J.D. Feigelson said "negotiations fell through".  That was a bit of a let down as horror fans have been pining for a DVD release for some time.  But fear not, it appears Dark Night of the Scarecrow will be making it's long awaited DVD debut in 2010.

Last night I attended a screening of Dark Night of the Scarecrow here in Chicago and Writer/Producer J.D. Feigelson was in attendance to introduce the film and do a Q&A.  He spoke about the impending DVD and said it is back on track and will see release in 2010 now from Lionsgate.  He did not offer any sort of specific timetable for the release but they have been putting a lot of work into prepping the film for DVD release.  Feigelson stated that they have spent the last several months digitally remastering the original Panavision film for the DVD.  They also went back and shot a few seconds of new footage that was added into the ending to help resolve some questions people had with the film.  It's nothing major but it's still interesting that 28 years later they went back and shot just a brief shot to help ease some fan complaints from it's debut.

So while no date is definite, it's still a good start to hear that the film has been digitally remastered and hard work has been put into it to finally get this to horror fans.  The version of the film that I saw last night was the debut of the remastered version and their work was well worth it as it was very crisp and clean looking.  And kudos to Lionsgate for stepping up to the plate and deciding to release this film on DVD.  We will be sure to let you know when the official release date is known

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