Cosacarelli Talks Phantasm Remake and Sequel


Phantasm is now celebrating it's 30th Anniversary and director Don Coscarelli, actors Reggie Bannister and Angus Scrimm will be screening the film at the Big Bear Horror Film Festival. The event takes place in southern California so the LA Times decided to do an interview which after talking about the original film quickly led to a discussion about a possible remake or sequel.

Coscarelli said of the possible remake, "I get a phone call every week, it seems, from somebody who wants to do it. It’s something I’ve been resisting for a while. I do think that, given the proper context, it would really be exciting to see what a younger filmmaker could bring to that story. It’s something I’m open to but I guess I’m seeking the right circumstances. Takashi Miike doing "Phantasm," how would that be? Anything that would ever be done would have to be done with sensitivity to the appreciation that the fans have for it. They just worship Angus as the Tall Man and Reggie as the loyal trusted friend."

Then on the subject of a sequel he told them, "It’s something we’ve talked about through the years but the timing hasn’t worked out or getting the finances exactly right. I’ve been cooking up a couple of incarnations of things that I can’t talk about now but hopefully in the near future we could get something in the "Phantasm" world happening."

Angus Scrimm jumped at the chance to play The Tall Man again and of course Reggie Bannister simply said, "Hopefully we’ll get to do one more before everybody croaks."

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