Roger Corman Web Series 'Splatter'


The Folks at Netflix emailed to let me know about a brand new Roger Corman project that will stream online called SPLATTER. “Splatter" is a webisode Netflix has produced in collaboration with Roger Corman, scheduled to debut two days before Halloween on October 29. 

Anyone in America can instantly watch “Splatter” for free at and the public can even vote on the fate of its characters to determine the outcome of the plot. Voting will be open at the conclusion of the first two webisodes (October 29, and again on November 6.)

“Splatter,” directed by Joe Dante, features Corey Feldman as Johnny Splatter, a musical genius who accumulated as many hit records as he did enemies while climbing up the fame ladder. His sudden death, ruled a suicide, brings a small circle of professional parasites and hangers-on to his Hollywood Hills mansion for the reading of his last will and testament.  But as his “frenmies” come to pick the bones clean, Johnny has returned for a deadly encore long after what they thought was his final curtain.

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