Brad Dourif Returns as Chucky for Childs Play Remake


MistressofHorror emailed in to share word that Brad Dourif will once again return for Childs Play and voice the killer doll Chucky. The creator told AICN;

who would you get that’s better? I mean with Chucky so much of it… and David [Kirschner, the producer] and I talk about this a lot, that because he’s a puppet, there’s an aspect of him that feels like he’s an animated character, so his voice is such an immense part of it as well as what he looks like.

It’s almost like recasting Homer Simpson or something. If you could recast it, you would want the actor to sound kind of like it, but it would feel weird to just be completely different I think.

Earlier Don Mancini spoke with ShocktilYouDrop and talked about Chucky and any plans for CGI; 

 "It’ll be an animatronic doll, like we do all of them, but animatronics have grown from when we did the first one 20 years ago.

Stay tuned for more as we get it.

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