Fan Poll Results: Zombieland vs Shaun of the Dead.. Zombieland Wins!


We did a poll a few weeks ago when Zombieland hit theaters asking you two distinct questions. We compared Zombieland to the next great zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead asking Which is Better. Or are they both Equally good! With over 640 votes the results are now in. It would seem that as far as horror fans are concerned Zombieland kicked Shaun of the Deads ass but not by much of a margin.

  • 37% Say Zombieland is better then Shaun of the Dead
  • 34% Say Shaun of the Dead is Better
  • 29% Say both are equally awesome.

For me I voted with the 29% since I thought both films were truly awesome but it is no surprise that Zombieland squeaked out Shaun of the Dead since its the first time Hollywood has delivered a great zombie comedy so we were all pretty damn excited. Which way did you vote? Do the results surprise you?

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