David Duchovny Says X-Files 3 in 2012


Its not new news that their is going to be an X-Files 3. Gillian Anderson has been talking about it for a long time. The good news is that David Duchovny is ready to return and it seems they are going to go back to what fans like. X-files 2 was for me a completely frustrating experience. Sure i wanted to see the relationship between Mulder and Scully but how about a good angle on the story as well? In an interview with the daily Beast David Duchovny said;

As far as the X-Files movie I’d like to do next, if we get a chance to do it, would be a return to the heart and soul of the mythology, which is the alien-oriented conspiracy. I think it’s natural for The X-Files to have another movie in 2012, so we’ll see if we get to do it.”

He went on to say he was happy with the last film and had alot of respect for Chris Carter. I to have respect for him but that doesnt take away from the fact X-files 2 sucked for me. What did you think? Are you ready for X-Files 3?

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