Halloween Horror Movies Fan Poll Results


Lots of groups do their yearly Halloween Horror Movies lists and even we have a few lists up on the site with more to come today. But the best list is always the list that involves the voices of our community. 497 of the horror fans within our community voted in the poll of What is your Favorite Halloween Horror Movie and the results are now in.

Not really a big surprise that the Halloween movies came in at the #1 spot with 33% of the votes. Night of the Living Dead, Evil Dead and the SAW movies came in just under with very close numbers.

In our poll we also had an other option where you as fans could put in choices not listed. We got a ton of answers, 78 to be exact but only two stood out in the mix. Trick R Treat got a ton of votes putting it as one of the must see Halloween Horror Movies as did Jack Nicholsons The Shining. Checkout the list below and be sure to enjoy some halloween horror movies!

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