Official Hellraiser Remake Synopsis


It has been a bumpy road for the Hellraiser remake for the Weinstein Co. It has had several directors attached, some FX tests done and even Clive Barker attached yet has still not been able to take off. But if the news coming out of the AFM guide is to be believed they haven't given up hope yet.

Here is the short synopsis they have given: The re-telling of Clive Barker's classic horror masterpiece. Based on Barker's critically acclaimed novella "The Hellbound Heart," Hellraiser tells the story of an unfaithful wife who attempts to assist her dead lover in his escape from hell. Having lost his earthly body to a trio of forsaken demons - lead by one of the most enduring horror characters of all time, Pinhead - he must force his former mistress to bring him the necessary human sacrifices to complete his body. Clive Barker's Hellraiser promises to be a terrifying journey into the darkest corners of the soul.

Recently it was revealed that they may remake the film in 3D since that seems to be the popular thing to do now. So they are still trying to get this film off the ground and maybe with a little help at the AFM this will happen. Keep it here for more as this story develops.

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