Corey Haim Returning For Lost Boys 4!


Not long ago it was announced that Warner Bros. were going to release yet another Lost Boys film. It was made known that it would be the return of Jamison Newlander and of course Corey Feldman. No one was quite sure whether or not Haim would be back or not. That is until today when MovieWeb spoke with Haim.

Haim told the site that he will not be participating in Lost Boys 3: The Thirst. But he did come out and say that he will be back for part 4 in which his character, Sam Emerson, will play a huge part in the storyline. As everyone else felt, Haim was unhappy with the way part 2 turned out and did not like the way his character took. So this time around he has a few stipulations about coming back.

Finally he revealed that Warner Premiere plans on making about one of these films a year. That really sounds a bit much and Haim also showed a bit of hesitation about so many films coming out as well. So with part 3 and 4 coming out how do you feel about a Saw-like treatment with the Lost Boys franchise?

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