Sv Bells She Demons of the Black Sun Comes to DVD


Been a long time since I have heard SV Bells name mentioned. He is one of thos rare animals who makes low budget films that are a throwback to the early years of cult horror. His latest project She Demons of the Black Sun is now on DVD in the UK.

When foreign student Isabelle met club owner Big Dan, she couldn't possibly know the man and his friends had some special plans for her. Using the love drug, the guys took what they needed, and now Isabelle sets out for a terrible revenge with the help of Lucifer and her unnameable - and sexy - creatures of the Night!

Cult director Sv Bell brings you She Demons of the Black Sun, winner of Best Horror award at Wreck-Beach international film festival. Starring cult icons Melantha Blackthorne (Death Race), Suzi Lorraine, Isabelle Stephen, and Jan Pivon (Stunts on- Death Race, Punisher: War Zone), and featuring music by world-renowned artist Broken Toy, and with make-up by the award-winning TEXA FX Group, this carnival of violence, bad language and nudity will delight, shock and scare in equal measure.

She Demons From The Black Sun is available from, and other good retailers.

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