Horror Is Beat By Christmas

It's been a mystery to me as to why Christmas movies tend to come out more around Thanksgiving than Christmas.  Is it a case of confusion or something?  It's just never made sense, save the Christmas movies till after Thanksgiving, that's when the season begins.  But according to BoxOfficeMojo, Christmas is what the people wanted.  The new adaptation of A Christmas Carol opened at number one with $31million, not a very good number as the budget was in the neighborhood of $200million.

But for us, the two genre offerings this weekend The Fourth Kind and The Box opened.  Kind opened decently at number four with $12.5million (right behind The Men Who Stare At Goats, I do recommend seeing Goatsi) and Box came up in number seven with $7.8million.  So far, Kind holds a 75% rating on our site and Box holds a 0%, but those numbers can change when more reviews appear.

Meanwhile the film everyone has been talking about Paranormal Activity dropped to number five with $8.6million, bringing its total up to $97.4million.  Of course, sequel talks are rumbling from Hollywood.  Saw VI on the other hand dropped to eleven with $2million bringing its gross to $26.2million.  

Next up on the genre plate is tween vampire and werewolf romance The Twilight Saga: New Moon.  No doubt it'll take the first slot at the box office, despite being opposed by the animated Planet 51, but will it exceed the $69.6million opening take of the first or will it fall short?  The first film went onto make $383.6million worldwide.  We'll find out if the fanbase will stick by the franchise come November 20th. 
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