Original Toolbox Murders on Bluray


I do not understand the need to release classic horror on Bluray since its not exactly designed for the format. I am no HD guru so those of you who are can chime in but what is the logic of taking a classic horror film and releasing it in HD format?

No word on what other goodies this one will feature but for me its a pass. At least until one of you can talk me into what the big deal is over having it on Bluray. It will be released on Bluray January 26th 2010.

The Toolbox Murders [Blu-ray]
January 26, 2010
 In a quiet apartment complex in Los Angeles, a deranged handyman goes on a killing spree, savagely murdering ‘immoral’ women with the tools of his trade -- claw hammers, power drills...
70% Approval
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