The Howling Remake = Twilight?

Just so y'all know, this isn't official studio release news, so until then, treat it as a rumor

The Howling, Joe Dante's 1981 werewolf film can be considered a bit of a classic among horror fans and among fans of werewolves, though the titular fuzzy beats didn't have that much screen time.  It's first sequel; The Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf was a tenuious sequel that featured werewolves that could do magic, werewolves who could only be killed by titanium, a midget, and Christopher Lee in wicked '80s shades.  After that, the sequels recieved the moniker The Howling without anything to do with the original, though IV was a low budget re-adaptation of the original novel.

But, being a classic Howling has been sitting on the sidelines, awaiting its remake turn.  And it's turn has come, kind of.  ArrowintheHead has word from a contact close to the remake, dubbed The Howling: Reborn, that the film will almost be Twilight meets Lost Boys but with werewolves.  Once again, nothing has been confirmed yet and the film is still in very early production stages so things may change. 

The story AITH was told along something like this: "A young reporter named Karen White meets a serial killer who is stalking her.  She is killed by the murderer, who turns out to be a werewolf.  At the time she was murdered, Karen was pregnant and her child lives.  Years later, Karen's son is in high school and is experiencing dreams and visions.  It turns out, Will is in fact a werewolf.  And it turns out, his classmates are also werewolves. Does Will join the dark side or fight against his urges and battle his hairy classmates?"

Hmmm, yeah outside of the opening, which is an altered version of how Dante's film opened; I'm not getting worked up, this appears to be along the lines of the sequels.  Unreleated werewolf film, but producers have the rights to The Howling moniker and decide to use it.  Only other details is that Joe Nimizki will write and direct, no street date, no production start date, nothing.  So until more is known, that's that can be said. 
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