Deader Country DVD Details


According to, Brain Damage Films is scheduled to release the Andrew Merkelbach zombie film - Deader Country on December 1, 2009. 

This DVD release will sport the following specs: 

Format: Color, DVD, NTSC
Region: Region 1
Rating: Not Rated
Run Time: 85 Mins

From the director and star of Dead Country comes the next tale of terror! Whilst wagging school, two teenagers stumble across a strange hybrid creature, a beast that is half man, half alien and ALL zombie, which has managed to make its way unseen across desolate countryside to the town of Pleasance.

Upon nursing the mutated zombie back to health, the teens unwittingly unleash a deadly new plague of the undead on the town s populace. Now with a conscience and accompanied by a small group of eccentric locals, Orion is back to help battle the second legion of zombies.

However, he is soon to discover a startling revelation that will alter the very fabric of his existence... ZOMBIES! NAKED NYMPHS! ALIENS! ANIMATED CATS! WARLOCKS! CYBORGS! STRANGE HYBRID CREATURES! NUDE VIXENS & GHOSTLY APPARITIONS! Yep, we ve covered everything... Get ready for another exploitation thrill ride!

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