Trailer for Reykjavic Whale Watching Massacre now Online

The trailer for Júlíus Kemp's "Reykjavic Whale Watching Massacre" is now online over at Cinemavault, you can check it out here.
Synopsis: When a group of whale watching tourists find themselves stranded at sea on a stalled boat, their only chance of rescue comes in the form of an old whaling ship.

Not long after they board, it's clear that the crew that saved them are crazed lunatics and so begins a horrific rampage that covers the deck in blood. Each tourist finds themselves in a nightmarish battle to survive and get to dry land before the sick whalers make chum out of them.

A cross between the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, combined with the dark and bloody humor from Evil Dead, this horror features cult icon, Gunnar Hansen. 
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