Pandorum DVD Details

Pandorum is one of those movies I really wanted to see, but wasn't able to.  So sadly can't say much, but the film holds a 75% on our site, which makes it high enough to warrant checking out.  Well, good news is that DVDActive has word on the release date and the special features.  The surprise is that it's hitting DVD very soon, just in time for Christmas. 

Special Features:

  • Audio Commentary
  • The World of Elysium: Behind the Scenes
  • Flight Team Music Video
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Still Gallery
  • Digital Copy*

*Blu-Ray only

Decent looking package, personally very happy that the digital copy is only on the Blu-Ray.  I hate having to pay an extra $10 because of a digital copy is included on a special edition DVD.  But anyway, Pandorum will be hitting DVD and Blu-Ray on December 22 and will retail for $29.98 and $39.98 respectfully
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