Zombieland DVD Date Set


No specs yet but today comes word from Matt that Zombieland will be on DVD February 2nd. Their will be a regular DVD, a Bluray and a Special Edition release. I know there were a variety of alternate endings as well as deleted scenes so here is hoping they make the special edition dvd. In other good news which we told you about months ago... the writers and stars are on board for a sequel!

Bring on Zombieland 2!!! The film has an outstanding 87.22% approval rating based on 18 reviews by the folks that matter.. you the fans ( ok and a few of us staff writers ). Zombieland kicks ass and so will zombieland 2!

Zombieland Zombieland
Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) has made a habit of running from what scares him. Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) doesnt have fears. If he did, hed kick their ever-living ass. In a world overrun by zombies, these two are perfectly evol...
87.22% Approval
(Based on 18 Reviews, Write one )

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