Borderlands heading to Zombie Island


Some people have been wondering where I have been hiding lately, truth is I got sucked into the addictive world of a video game titled Borderlands.  While the post-apocalyptic/sci-fi first-person shooter RPG didnt really get any coverage from us before it's release on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC a few weeks ago, now comes the details that horror fans might dig....ZOMBIES! 

Thats right, Gearbox is releasing the first downloadable content expansion next week on November 24th and it is titled The Zombie Island of Dr Ned.  While the title of the DLC has been known for a while, details have been kind of scarce.  The folks at IGN did a hands on preview with the game and it sounds like a great undead time!

Player's will be introduced to a new area called Jakobs Cove where a working class town has been turned into a zombie infested wasteland by Dr Ned who was experimenting on the townsfolk.  Like all zombie-filled video games, this sounds like it will have it's fair share of zombie styles.  There will be standard movie style zombie that walk slow and try and feast on your character and dont die unless you pop their head off.  There is a "spitting" zombie that sounds similar to Boomers in L4D as they spit stuff at you from afar that blinds you and does damage.  There are also suicide zombies that when they get close to your character explode and psycho zombies that flail about from afar but can be aggravated and charge at you in a rage when alerted. 

On top of the zombies, there will also be giant enemies called Tankensteins that will take a lot of damage to bring down.  These large green Frankenstein style enemies have several varieties including one's that carry weapon chests on their backs and others that charge you with explosive barrels.  And if this weren't enough, there will also be several new horror themed bosses including a fire breathing punpkinheaded monster among others. 

All in all, it sounds like quite a bit of zombie fun will be added to this first expansion to the addictive Borderlands.  While the expansion costs $9.99, it is said to be about 6-10 additional game hours and will include around 50 new quests and a bunch of brand new weapons to help fight off the zombie horde.  Hopefully we will see some more DLC expansions that may appeal to horror fans, but horror or not I have been addicted to this game and can't wait to take down some Zombie's on November 24th!

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