Zombies Invade Turkey in Ada


Claiming to be the first zombie flick to come out of Turkey, Ada: Zombilerin Düğünü, which translate to Island: Wedding Of The Zombies looks to make it's presence known in the land of rotting meat and running blood, or also known as the way to Meh's heart.

Here's a rough translation of what this film is about: 

"Known each other for a long time friend of the five-person group, partner to attend the wedding of a friend Büyükada'ya expenses. Erhan, together with the wedding and a long range team can record their happy moments brought a camera for receiving and continuous shooting is near.

Viewed throughout the entire film, this camera mirrors ones. Later in the hour of the wedding guests and a group of zombie attack, mess turns into the lake of blood."

Kind of sounds confusing, but just think of Diary of the Dead, with a bloody splash of [REC] and you'll get the idea.





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