Maniac Remake Coming and Maniac Cop Possible


Bill Lustig came out to the New York City Horror Film Festival to recieve a lifetime achievement award. The man has directed some fantastic 80s flicks including Maniac and Maniac Cop. He also is the founder behind the DVD label Blue Underground and helped Anchor Bay land all those great classic film rights in the early days of DVD.

Anyway, over the weekend he made an announcement about a remake of Maniac and Maniac Cop according to Bloody Disgusting. "We already made a deal for the remake of 'Maniac' - there is a remake of 'Maniac' thats on its way, believe it or not. That deal is already closed. Now, Larry and I are in discussions for the remake of 'Maniac Cop'. We're not gonna be involved, but we'll collect a check. Actually, on the remake of 'Maniac', it's gonna say produced by William Lustig, but I'm going to have the least amount of involvement as a producer on the movie."

So it sounds like he is just looking to extend the life of his films while still getting paid. He followed that up by saying he doesn't see any reason to return to directing. According to Lustig he doesn't see why anyone would direct a film if it didn't have a real shot at making it into theaters. A good point because without any real sense of accomplishment why push forward? An interesting topic and well worth discussion on the forms so feel free to sound off there.

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