New Moon, Yes We Reported On It, But is It Horror?


Got a bit of Heat on Twitter about our site covering New Moon and frankly I take no displeasure in said comments... its like preaching to the choir. Accept this choir doesnt filter his news coverage based on my own tastes. If that was the case you would not hear about ALOT of movies. As far as Twilight goes I am not a fan of the 'tween' films and as far as I am concerned its the least thing from a true blue horror film.

But that said... I do not define what is a horror movie and what is not and since we cover other films on the fringes Twilight falls into the scope of our coverage. Twilight is about as scary as Stan Helsing, Scary Movie, Ghost Busters, Dead Heat and about 100 other sub-genre films and yes... whether i like the films or not we do write about it.

We are covering Twilight like alot of other horror sites because it has vampires and werewolves, and yes its on the fringes of our genre and is at best a teen-drama-horror about as scary as a bucket full of blue smurfs.... but since its got Vampires and werewolves it does fall within our genre in my books. Even if its not a true blue horror film that scares you stupid. Plus for all I know the teenage girls may find the film terrifying... I really have no idea since as noted...... the end of days will likely come before I ever watch it.

I always welcome feedback on what we report on and frankly I agree that Twilight is not true blue horror and will never EVER accept that it is... but just as we are covering the new vampire horror film Transylmania ( use the word horror loosely again ) we will continue to cover the Twilight franchise as much as I might have to groan a bit in doing so and I am sure alot of you reades will appreciate us for it... or simply read the next article :)

The question I pose to you is, Is Twilight Horror? Is Scary Movie Horror? Is the fact it spoofs horror or has vampires enough to make it a genre film? We have always been quite guilty of covering fringe movies that appeal to our readers. We covered District 9... hardly true horror but still gorey and awesome. We also covered Mad Max 4 which will hopefully bring mad carnage. Does the fact it doesnt have a man chopping up people in a hockey mask give it no place in our genre? You decide! Sound off.

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