Edgar Allan Poe Meets Torture Porn?


While Director James McTeigue was out promoting his new film Ninja Assassin Syfy Wire had the chance to speak with him about his next project. In the article the author likened Poe to one of the first "torture porn" writers ever.. now I would beg to differ but the good stuff is all about this upcoming movie.

The title of the film is actually "The Raven" which is a story about what would happen if Poe were faced with the very murders he wrote about. In the movie, at the end of Poe's life, a serial killer challenges him to solve a series of killings inspired by Poe's fiction. Included would be The Raven, The Tell-Tale Heart, Premature Burial, Murders in the Rue Morgue and plenty of others.

McTeigue told the site, "It's sort of Se7en meets a series of Poe stories. It's set in 1850s Baltimore, and it's about creating Poe's version of 1850s Baltimore, him moving through it. So it has a lot of the Poe stories interwoven into it."

No one has yet to be cast as Poe but he said he is looking for someone who will actually look the part. So don't worry we won't be seeing Brad Pitt or Will Smith playing Poe. If I had anything to say about it my vote would go for Jeffrey Combs who has played the man on more than one occassion.

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