Blood Sucka Jones New Photo


The films producers emailed to let us know the film is over budget, over schedule and over awesome... but nearing completion. They also sent over some new photos which really enforce the vibe of this cheesy new flick which could be a blast.

David Lewis meets the girl of his dreams who turns out to be a vampire. When her brother and his gang of preppy douchebag vampires set out to kill him he enlists the help of Tony the worst vampire hunter ever. They team up to get in worse trouble than when they started and as all seams lost they are helped by Bloodsucka Jones the long forgotten 70's comic book hero, vampire hunter and all around badass. Along with sexy sidekick Vanessa they train to became the mediocre heroes they were meant to be. Blood, babes, boobs, gore, chicks, vampires, severed heads, bad language, punching, kicking, biting, screaming, and gratuitous everything.....No it's not Shakespeare it's the best damn movie ever!

Bloodsucka Jones will be 37% funnier than Showgirls and almost as scary or your money back. We can pretty much guarantee it will be better than Grease 2.

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