New Indie Film Looking to Capitalize on Paranormal Activitys Success

A teaser trailer for "Parabella Nigel: Saiko Saikik Witch Bitch" has been posted online. Watch it or download it here  The clip, which is just a little over a minute, was made from public domain footage to give fans and investors an idea of the film's mood.

The project is being described by writer and director Chad Clinton Freeman as a slasher noir about a psychic that may or may not be a serial killer.

"It's going to be a mind trip of a film that is sort of like 'Saw' meets 'The Sixth Sense' on crack," said Freeman, a producer on "Amateur Porn Star Killer 3D" and "Killer Biker Chicks." "This is a dark and ugly story that I hope to turn into a beautiful film that is part arthouse and part grindhouse. I hope to make a project that is creative, full of energy and has something to say."

Freeman is currently trying to fund the film's $16,666 budget online via This is the film's first phase. No cast or crew attachments will be made until funding is in place.

"'Paranormal Activity' was made for less than $20k and it killed at the box office," Freeman said. "That film reminded me of how important guerilla marketing is in this business. So I thought if social sites can help build that much buzz for a movie once its made, then perhaps it's possible to get people interested in a project based on its pitch and have them rally around to help fund it."

"Parabella Nigel: Saiko Saikik Witch Bitch" will be the feature length debut from Freeman's Polly Staffle Films. The production company's first short film "Super Undead Doctor Roach" was a 48 Hour Film Project that later became a 2009 Arizona Underground Film Festival selection.

Freeman is a Las Vegas based mass media specialist and is best known for his entertainment website, which has been on hiatus this past year. He has also been a part of the independent films "Silent Night, Zombie Night," "One Long Day," "Breath of Hate" and others.
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