Silent Night Zombie Night Vegas Screening


First came the vampires. Now come the zombies. The independent horror film “Live Evil” invaded the Underground Screening Room at the Sci-Fi Center in Las Vegas around Halloween time. Now William Powell’s comic shop and grindhouse theater hosts the Las Vegas premiere of Sean Cain’s “Silent Night, Zombie Night.”

The event, celebrating independent cinema, Christmas and zombies all in one night, takes place December 5 at 8 p.m. and costs $5.

Cain, who Fangoria calls a “Indie Horror Specialist,” will be on hand for a Q&A and autograph signing session after the film, as will producer Wes Laurie, and co-stars Chris Gabriel (”One Long Day,” “Devotion,” “S4″), Chad Clinton Freeman ("Killer Biker Chicks"), Luke Y. Thompson (”Wicked Lake,” “Mad Cowgirl”) and Sean Decker ("Alluvial"). Dread Central's Heather Wixson, aka The Horror Chick, will be hosting the event.

The Christmas horror film centers around a viral outbreak turning the citizens of Los Angeles into the feral undead. On the brink of breaking up with both his wife and partner, L.A.P.D. officer Frank Talbot finds himself trapped in a apartment with them both. As death closes in they try not only to survive, but work around the fact both men love the same woman.

The film stars Jack Forcinito, Andy Hopper, Nadine Stenovitch, Felissa Rose (“Sleepaway Camp”), Lew Temple (”The Devil’s Rejects,” “Trailer Park of Terror”) and Vernon Wells (”Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior”).

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