Batch of Chaw Images Emerge Online


It has been quite some time since we have heard anything about the little Korean monster pig movie Chaw. Well today a small blog Undead Backbrain managed to put together quite a few images from the film. You can check out a couple below and if you want to see more hit the link above.

Shock and fear wash over the quiet, peaceful town of Sameri when ecologist (Soo Ryeon) discovers the body parts of a girl in the mountains. Officer Kim Kang Su (Uhm Tae Woong), newly transferred from Seoul, gets assigned to the case, but it soon transpires this is no ordinary homicide. Cheon Il Man (Jang Hang Seon), the victim’s grandfather, is convinced that the culprit is a giant man-eating boar, and more will be claimed if the beast isn’t taken down. Kim’s own mother has gone missing, and may have already fallen victim. All interested in capturing the boar for reasons of their own, Kim, Cheon, Soo Ryeon, opportunistic hunter Baek (Yoon Je Moon), and detective Shin (Park Hyuk Kwon) head into the dangerous wilds, but will they make it back out alive?

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