Last Birds on The Left

Platinum Dunes, Hollywood's go-to remake production house, has been circling a planned remake of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds for a few years now.  Naomi Watts was the first bit of casting news and a bit of a stunner with Martin Campbell (Goldeneye & Casino Royale) attached to direct.  After that, really nothing else came up.  Until now.

Pajiba has word that Campbell has decided to leave the project and move onto others things.  Dunes is still keen on continuing the project and is talking with Dennis Iliades, who helmed the remake of The Last House on the Left.  When Campbell was attached to the project, the budget was set at $60million (making it Dunes' largest budgeted film) and was going to be a PG-13 rating.  But according to sources, Illiades would like to punch up the red stuff and go for an R rating.  Which means another rewrite is in order for the script, which has traded hands numerous times already to fit, what the new director wants to see.  At the moment, Naomi Watts is still attached to the film.  We'll bring more word as things develop. 
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