Official Casting for Bind


Today multi-hyphenate Dan Walton just sent us a bunch of news about his upcoming backwoods slasher Bind. After a lot of cast changes and a couple set backs the film is finally coming to fruition in March when it will shoot in Vancouver.

The cast includes hottie Christa Campbell, Al Santos (Jeepers Creepers 2), Wolfgang J. Weber (Into the Darkness), Travis Aaron Wade (Pig Hunt), Raine Brown (100 Tears) and Jessica Von (Bloody Mary). With shooting more than 3 months away we can look forward to a couple more casting announcements soon.

In Bind a weekend getaway to a scenic winter wonderland takes a deadly turn when a group of friends find themselves pitted against the elements and a dark presence with a bloody agenda. Supply that blood will be FX artist Brian Sipe who has lent his skills to Star Trek and Pirates of the Caribbean.

We'll be following this movie closely so be sure to stay tuned for more.

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