John Carpenter directing The Second Line ?!

It looks like John Carpenter could work on a second project, than just co-producing the "The Fog" remake. According to different sources, he already has the script for the upcoming horror movie "The Second Line" in his hands.

The story of "The Second Line", is based on a local urban legend, and tells about a haunted house, in which restless souls and demons threaten the residents.

If all goes well, "The Second Line" could look more like a "Halloween" reunion than a ghost story to movie fans.  The potential cast would include the following "Halloween" series veterans:

P.J. Soles - Lynda (Halloween)
Ellie Cornell - 
Rachel Carruthers (
Halloween 4 and Halloween 5)
Brad Loree - The Shape (Halloween: Resurrection) 
Marianne Hagan - Kara Stode (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers)
Charles Cypher - Sheriff Leigh Brackett (Halloween and Halloween 2)

On the production company's site, Eden Tyler is still listed as director, but many insiders think that John Carpenter will direct "The Second Line", which is scheduled for a 2006 release.


Editors Note: I have contacted the writer on this project Paul Swearingen for confirmation of this report. Look for an update on this in the coming days as we get some feedback on whether John Carpenter is or is not in consideration or involved.

Source: Bereits Gesehen (German Site)

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