Hardware 2: Ground Zero Screenplay

Richard Stanley is one of my favorite directors, it might sound strange as he only has two narrative features under his belt Hardware and Dust Devil, but both exhibit a man with a raw and strange sense of storytelling.  For a few year now a sequel to Hardware has been floating around, though according to the commentary to the UK DVD; the rights for the movie are so spread out, its hard find where the rights have finally ended up. 

While we might get to see an actual filmed sequel in the near future, an undated script for it has appeared on the Stanley dedicated website Everythingisundercontrol.  Entitled Hardware 2: Ground Zero, the story goes along like this:

The Mark-13's are in mass production. The US government is employing them to patrol the US-Mexican border and deal with illegal aliens. Shades returns to Earth after a series of space flight assignments. Feeling alone in the world, he decides to seek out Jill, who's now living in a hippie colony in Splendora, Texas. The colony consists of 'destructuralists', who beseech the human race to abandon all technology and re-unite with nature. As Shades and his newly-found companion, battle-scarred vet Lyle Maddox arrive to Splendora, they find Jill earnestly believing in the cause, but even she is oblivious to what ultimately lies beneath the peaceful colony. Something big enough to attract a phalanx of Mark-13 droids as well as a Mexican guerrilla leader, who thinks he's channeling the spirit of Emilio Zapata...

A little weird ain't it?  But damn what I'd like some well crafted weird with killer robots.  I've only read the first few pages and it's something I'd love to see get made.  At one point Stanley discussed using the unproduced script as the basis for a remake/reboot, however once again because of rights issues, that might not happen.  Even so, for folks who've enjoyed Hardware or are just curious go and check it out. 
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