Tony Todd Talks Candyman Sequel/Remake


Tony Todd is quite the busy man with several films which should be released next year. Today he spoke with Dread Central about a film he has been making with director Deon Taylor called Dark Christmas. During the talk he revealed that he and Deon have some plans.

This is the third time I’ve worked with Deon, and I definitely think he’s an up and coming talent in the horror industry. We’ve been talking recently about some of our ideas, including wanting to revive the Candyman franchise and keep the legend moving forward.

Of course what we all know however is that Hollywood is always trying to remake the old franchises. So he spoke on that a little bit as well, “Maybe five years ago I would be worried about a Candyman remake, but I am just so busy now that I can’t really worry about it anymore,” said Todd. “Now, if I was invited to be a part of it, then I would be honored. If someone felt like they wanted to go in a different direction without my input, then that’s okay, too, but I think I’d really be able to tap into the energy of what that character was more than anyone else.

But Deon and I have some tricks up our sleeves, too, for Candyman so just sit tight for that because you never know what will happen,” teased Todd. If you would like to hear more about Dark Christmas or Hatchet II hit up DC for the whole interview.

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