AvP Gets MA15+ In Australia, No Changes Made

A while ago, we brought you news that Sega and Rebellion's Aliens vs Predator videogame was refused classification in Australia, effectively banning the game for it's incredibly violent content.  Well, good news for all of our mates down under, GamespotAU found out that Sega's appeal to the Classifications Board has been a success!  It will receive the MA15+ rating, no changes made to the content. 

Definete win for gamers in Australia, hopefully this means that more will be able to get past the ratings board.  Though I wonder if Valve is going to try and make a new appeal over Left 4 Dead 2 and try to get the original, violent version a MA15+ based off what Sega was able to get.  Aliens vs Predator will be hitting Xbox360, Playstation 3, and PC February 2010. 
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