Exclusive: The Second Line: John Carpenter Update

We recently wrote about the rumor that John Carpenter was directing the Second Line ( read it here ) and I wanted to confirm the facts in this case, so I contacted the writer Paul Swearingen.

On the production company's site, Eden Tyler is still listed as director, but many insiders think that John Carpenter will direct "The Second Line", which is scheduled for a 2006 release. According to Paul, John Carpenter wanted to read the script and as such he has a copy and is reviewing it. At this time the talk of John Carpenter replacing Eden Tyler is just that talk.

The story of "The Second Line", is based on a local urban legend, and tells about a haunted house, in which restless souls and demons threaten the residents. There is no question that having John Carpenter attached would bring in a big cult following, but lets not jump that gun just yet. As far as Paul Swearingen has put it, this is only a rumor. Lets not take John Carpenter reading the script, as being the director..... not yet anyways :)

Keep reading, future updates to come!

Source: P. Swearingen, writer The Second Line

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